SlimGENEmd was designed to provide people with a clear understanding of their DNA with the purpose to help anyone lose weight and simply become more efficient

DNA Testing For Weight Loss

Here is why DNA Testing for Weight Loss programme is a must:

Keep in mind that your body and genetic makeup is unique. So do not be alarmed when you find out that the weight loss programme that worked perfectly well for your acquaintances went boomerang for you. This is because your body processes nutrients, carbohydrates, fats differently as compared to your family and friends. So an ideal programme is one which is based taking into consideration you DNA. No there is no need of going through any painful tests. All that you have to do is opt for the non-invasive DNA test in our clinic. Just a cheek swab and you are done with the testing. Our experts will then give you a detailed account of your nutrient processing profile. Based on this our experts will work out a diet plan which is exclusively penned down for your body. The weight loss plan will give you complete details about the food you must have and exercises that you must do. It will also suggest the lifestyle changes that you need to make in order to ensure that the weight loss programme is effective. The emphasis is on ensuring that the weight loss programme is designed keeping in mind the DNA profile of the customer.

DNA-based weight loss- An assured way of losing weight:

It is important that the fat reserves in the human body are used properly so that the individual can lose weight. Now this will naturally be different for different individuals. We need to understand that you cannot determine how your body is processing the different nutrients by merely doing a physical examination. You need to do a more thorough DNA testing so that how your body is processing the different nutrients can be understood clearly. We have experts who have years of professional experience in the field of weight loss regime. They will go through the DNA results and will suggest the weight loss programme that is best for your body. Our experts have always provided an honest opinion. They will give a clear idea about the lifestyle changes that are needed so that you can easily lose weight. If you want a weight loss programme which will surely help you lose weight then you need to book an appointment with our experts right away. They will conduct your DNA testing and will provide the customised weight loss programme which is best suited for your body.