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Hormonal Imbalance Test and How It Is Related To Weight Loss

Hormonal Imbalance Test and How It Is Related To Weight Loss

Hormonal imbalance is a condition in which the functions of important hormones in the body experience a change. It can be an underactive, overactive or inactive hormone. Sometimes multiple hormones can be a part of this change in the body system.

When an individual goes through hormonal imbalance, everything is not right with him/her. Produced in different glands, hormones regulate many important body functions including metabolism, healthy immunity, hair growth, irregular periods, reproductive system, digestive system, and weight issues.

Causes of Hormone Imbalance

  • Genetics/Family History
  • Diabetes
  • Underactive/Overactive Thyroid
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Eating Habits
  • Lifestyle

Hormones and Weight Issues

There are over a dozen hormones that can be held responsible for weight gain; for example, cortisol, insulin, and glucagon play a crucial role in giving us a healthy and fit body. The effects of imbalance in the production and functioning of these hormones can be seen on our shape and size. This imbalance has an impact on how you feel and how you look.

Surprisingly, some people may experience a sudden and substantial weight loss due to a disturbance with their hormone levels.

Hormonal Imbalance Test

To assess and fix the conditions related to hormonal imbalance, you can be advised to go through a number of hormonal imbalance tests. These tests will helps figure the root cause of problem, provide preventive and curative medications, and recommend diet- and lifestyle-related changes to the patient.

If you have been noticing that your weight loss efforts are not of any help, something could be wrong with your hormone levels. You can consider undergoing hormonal imbalance tests so that the imbalances that can be contributing in your weight issues can be revealed and fixed.

We have many clients visiting us to get tested for hormone imbalance to boost their weight loss efforts. Hormonal imbalance test is the first step to lose weight and countering many other health issues. slimGENEmd performs this test to help you combat hormonal disturbances and get a healthy, fit body.

Providing Weight Loss Solutions through Hormonal Imbalance Test

The conditions highlighted in test results can help your health coach suggest medical treatments and medications to be performed by a qualified physician. To help you lose weight, your health coach can prepare a balanced weight loss program combining a diet plan and an exercise routine.

Difficulty losing weight?  Our certified health coach can perform hormonal imbalance test to assess and address its actual cause. Call 855-966-7546 toll free to book your complimentary consultation today!

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