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Tips to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tips to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Did you know, losing weight is 50% about your diet and 50% about your dedication and motivation? That means, you lose weight only when you combine an effective diet plan with an active and even more effective exercise plan. However, when we give a deeper look, we find that diet – what, how, how much and when – we eat, is the biggest contributing factor in our weight issues.

That’s the reason why most people choose to starve themselves when aiming for weight loss. They believe not eating will boost their weight loss process. But, this way, they end up burning their muscles and ultimately, getting some serious health conditions. Not eating is not a solution. It has never been!

“Burn what you consume – is the best-working equation for weight loss.”

But, what should I eat then?

Get a customized diet plan first!

Speak to a certified and experienced health coach to customize a diet plan for you. This diet plan should be figured on the basis of your expectations and your lifestyle. Most importantly, it should not focus on keeping you starved for days and weeks.

You need motivation from inside in order to lose weight as it is a long journey with multiple sessions of ups and downs. When you don’t eat at all, you gradually lose motivation in your efforts and goals.

Ask your health and wellness coach to design a weight loss diet plan that suits your lifestyle.

Tips To Start With Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Good habits take time. Weight loss diet plans are a kind of good habit – as they bring you on the path of wellbeing. This blog talks about some of the best practices for you to follow when you are trying to get started on a weight loss diet plan.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast –

Every diet plan recommends you at least three different meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – along with at least two (or more) snacks and salad breaks.

Of these, breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Skipping it may seem logical as it requires early morning preparation, which might make you late for work.

When you skip your breakfast, you skip many essential nutrients that keep you energized day long. It might affect your entire day and weight loss efforts in long term.

Don’t Skip Any Meal –

The idea of meal is to give you energy at frequent intervals. When you skip one meal, you tend to eat more in your next meal or eat unhealthy snacks before your next meal.

Eating a lot of food in one go is a slow process to burn calories. It also adds to your body weight and belly fat. Eating at intervals burns calories faster. Additionally, it reduces cravings – one of the major causes of weight problems.

Get Over Your Laziness and Bet Active –

No physical activity is one of prime reasons why people gain weight. By being more active, not only will you be able to lose weight but also maintain a good body shape.

Physical activity can be any of any kind. For example: Go to the dispenser to drink water. Take your calls to walk. Your health coach will also suggest exercising, walking, running, cardio, etc. activities in your weight loss plan. When you indulge in physical activities, you burn calories and that’s what enables fast weight loss.

Being active helps burn fat that you cannot lose just with the help of your weight loss diet.

So, go for a walk starting from today.

Start Avoiding Added Sugar.

Added sugar is a key ingredient in many packaged food items. Always check labels before buying. Get products that have zero added sugar.

Now you know the reason why your health coach has not included branded fruit juices in your diet plan. You can certainly go for natural, fresh, homemade fruit juices that have real nutrients found in fresh fruits.

Gulp more water.

First, water is the greatest support to your digestive system. Drinking more water on a daily basis helps you easily digest what you eat.

Secondly, sometimes people confuse their thirst with hunger. When they are thirsty, they eat. This confusion becomes a cause of weight gain. So, next time you feel hungry, get a glass of water.

Bottom Line –

Before I wind up this blog, here’s an additional tip if you have your diet plan ready and you are going to start with it. Use smaller plates. This has psychological effects that support your weight loss diet plan. Doing so helps you control your portion size as well. You can do this even if you are not following any plan.

Looking for a customized weight loss diet plan? slimGENEmd’s weight loss coach can prepare a plan that will support not only your lifestyle but also your DNA. Call 855-966-7546 toll free to book your complimentary consultation now!

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