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Weight Loss Wellness – Simple tips and tricks you can implement today!

Weight Loss Wellness – Simple tips and tricks you can implement today!

Let’s start with an activity-

What time do you wake up, eat your first intake of food, eat next, next and next?

What time are you going to bed? Write all this out on a piece of paper.

Now, if you are not eating within 1 hour of waking up and eating/drinking protein every 3-4 hours, you might be putting yourself in starvation mode. Doing this, slows your metabolism and can lead to weight issues, low energy, loss of muscle mass, insulin resistance, and more negative effects.

Here is a sample drawing:

Meals- fuel metabolism- 4-5 hours

Snacks- 2-3 hours

The goal is to stay in fat burning mode which can lead to a higher metabolism, more energy, weight loss, and gaining lean muscle mass.

Now, what to eat to get max results for your weight loss and wellness needs.

General Rules to implement everyday.

● Protein every meal every snack–( we will talk about protein sources later). You do not have to eat protein, you can drink it.
● Only 1-2 servings of carbs after 6pm-7pm. A carbohydrate serving is about ¼ c. of starch, ½ cup cooked veggie, and 1 cup raw veggies.
● Water intake needs to be at least 64 oz/day. Even better is 80oz-100oz a day.
● Start to reduce soda/diet soda/ juices/ etc by ¼ less each week.. (Give example)
● Eat every 3-5 hours. If you can not eat, drink a protein drink instead.
● Eat within 1 hour of waking up
● Don’t eat a carbohydrate without a protein. You can eat protein and fats alone, but dont eat a carbohydrate alone. Example- if you are craving a cookie for a snack- eat the cookie and drink a protein drink with it, or eat 2oz of leftover chicken. This will help to regulate your blood sugar.

What is a protein:
Meats- chicken, seafood, beef, turkey, pork, low fat cheese, eggs, egg whites, Fage Greek yogurt-0%, low fat Cottage cheese

What is a carbohydrate:
Fruits, vegetables, breads, rice, pasta, quinoa, cereal, starches, sweets.

What is a fat:
Avocados, Nuts, Oils- coconut, olive, avocado..

Best protein to drink:
Powder form
Collagen based- marine collagen, collagen peptides
Vegan, Rice, Pea based
Liquid form
Protidiet protein drinks- you can buy on amazon. Each protein pack is a gel like protein pack and has 15g. Of collagen protein and 2g. Of carbohydrates. These can mix with water, club soda, or can be drank alone.

Best protein bars( always look at food labels. If the protein bar has almost same amount as protein as carbohydrates, I would consider this a Protein Bar. If it is much more carbohydrates and/or sugar than protein, I would not consider it a protein bar)
Quest Bars

How to start this plan today:

1) Implement the “timing of meals” as stated above to stay out of starvation mode
2) Eat protein and/or drink protein every meal; every snack
3) Drink water. Over 64oz. A day
4) Cut back on carbohydrates after 6p-7p

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