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DNA-Based Weight Loss – Does It Really Work?

DNA-Based Weight Loss – Does It Really Work?

There are more than 7 billion people on the plant. According to genetic science, we are different, unique from each other. It simply gets proved when one of your friends loses weight easily by following a diet plan, but same diet plan wouldn’t let you lose even half a pound.

Similarly, some people are allergic to deodorants, while others literally bathe with their deo spray without getting any sort of irritation on their skin.

Why does this happen? It’s because, those who lose weight or those who aren’t allergic to deodorants are different from those who can’t lose weight or those who stay away from deodorants. It’s because, the weight loss plan or deodorant is not suitable for the people who don’t get any benefit from it or are allergic to it.

DNA-based Weight Loss Plans

It is our DNA that makes us different from others. Our DNA is responsible for a number of unique things that happen to us. For example: The growth of our body and hair; the production of hormones; our response to medication and nutrients; our health conditions; our sex drive; our metabolism; which foods, fruits, vegetables, animal products, cosmetics, etc. suit us; and which weight loss plan will work for us.

Losing weight is all about what we eat and how much we burn. There is no one size fits all with weight loss plans. People gain weight because of their lifestyle, medical conditions, medications, or sometimes, genetic conditions. Therefore, the best weight loss plan for you will be the one that has been designed to suit your lifestyle, addresses your medical conditions, and suits your unique DNA coding.

If you seem to have tried everything, but you don’t see yourself losing weight, undergoing DNA testing for weight loss can help you block the weight loss blockers – the factors in your DNA structure – that aren’t letting you lose weight.

Evaluating the results of DNA test will allow your health coach to determine the best understanding of how much protein, carbohydrate, and other nutrients your body needs on a daily basis to use its stored fat as its main source of energy.

This weight loss plan focuses on delivering the amount of nutrition your body needs to keep you active, not hungry. And the fat – that your body accumulates around belly, thighs, arms, and other body parts – is burned to fuel your daily activity. It ensures that your fat is burned, not muscles. Traditional weight loss plans that cut your calorie intakes often make you weaker, because your body starts burning your muscles after a couple of days.

Advantages of DNA-Based Weight Loss Plan

  • Completely customized for you
  • Focuses on blocking weight loss blockers
  • No need to starve yourself
  • Burns fat, not muscles
  • Ensures essential nutrients your body needs
  • Suits your DNA and lifestyle
  • Works when other plans don’t

DNA-based weight loss plan is a sure-fire way to lose weight. It is designed to suit you and your unique DNA. It is the best solution for those who have weight issues in their genetic or family history. If you choose to follow a DNA-based weight loss program, be sure that it is going to work only for you.

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